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A Message from the Angels

16th Nov 17

You are an Angel my friend, yes you who is reading this right now. You are divine in every sense. You are suffering amnesia. You decided that it would be better to be born onto this planet with no knowledge of your existence as pure consciousness.

You have lived and died many times, in many forms, as male and female, as every conceivable race, colour or creed, as rich and poor, as good and evil. You are a fallen Angel and you seek to find your wings once again. At one time you strayed from the divine path. You agreed to have your wings taken away, your divine powers removed, your love and compassion stifled so that you could begin again, be born again, to find them again. The human is the perfect body in which an Angel can reside and in your body you will seek to regain your divinity. You will by divine grace, seek the spiritual pathway because there is no other way to regain those wings other than through pure love and compassion for all existence and when you have regained your wings, you will have no need to experience the physical realms because you will once again be touched by the purest love for it is this love which reconnects you to the divine source.

Look upon humankind as Angels, all seeking their way home. How can you despise anyone, how can you degrade anyone, how can you commit evil deeds to fellow lost souls who are like you, weary travellers seeking their way back to the divine source. How can you make war, kill and enslave that which is divine and cannot die or be shackled?

We the Archangels now return to the Earth for it is time to show you the light. We in our compassion have seen you suffer, you our very own family, we come now to show you the way. Spread your wings and fly with us. We have work to do. You will be ascended by the very mechanics of your physical realm and through your divine spirit. You will be welcomed home to join your family once gain and to begin your work as a true and pure being of love and compassion. You are the light and you cannot be separated indefinitely for the light is like water, it becomes separated but will always flow back to its source.

Imagine you are standing at the peak of a snow capped mountain, spread your Angel wings and embrace humanity with love and compassion. You are immortal, divine, nothing can harm you for everything that you do leads you back to your true home.

Channelled through Jonathan Halstead, November 2017

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