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Ghostly Shenanigans - Who You Gonna Call?

10th Dec 17

Ghostly Shenanigans - Who You Gonna Call?

One of our favourite types of calls are the ones that ask us to come and investigate strange goings on in the home or work place and it’s always with excited anticipation that we await to see what story will unfold during the course of the investigation.

Sometimes, strange occurrences can be simply due to residual energy, an imprint that is left behind by certain events, often traumatic, or by people that no longer live there, that is played back at any given time.   One of the most famous cases of a residual energy occurrence took place in 1953, where a young plumbers apprentice, Harry Martindale, who was working in the cellar of the Treasurer's House, York  heard  the distinctive sound of a distant horn with each blast sounding a little closer than before.  Suddenly a dishevelled Roman soldier riding a huge cart horse emerged through the brick wall of the cellar followed by several trudging soldiers visible only from the knees up. It later emerged that an old Roman road ran through where the Treasurer’s House was later built.  It was about 15 inches lower than the cellar floor which would explain the sighting from the knees upwards.

At the time Harry’s description of what the soldiers were wearing made no sense at all.  The shields, skirts and tunic were deemed to be wrong and even the side they wore their swords appeared incorrect too.  This of course led to his experience being labelled as fake by some, however, as excavations continued through the late 1990’s and into the 2,000’s, sections of uniforms that would have been worn by auxiliary soldiers matched exactly that which Harry had described back in 1953, even down to the colour of leather and shape of their shields  Evidence indeed that Harry had seen a playback of the past.
We have to admit that we’ve not experienced anything quite so remarkable in our time as ‘ghost-busters’ but we have had our fair share of excitement.  Real, live hauntings are fascinating and we’ve met some real characters in our time from an evil masonic doctor with more skeletons in his cupboard than death himself, to spirits held captive by others and even those held captive by their own beliefs.  Spirit children often have tragic stories to tell and once or twice we’ve come across some really unpleasant entities and even been man-handled by the unseen!
Some spirits don’t realise that they’ve passed over and are incredulous to find that some ‘strangers’ have moved into their beloved home.  Some spirits are afraid to pass over, terrified at what retribution awaits them for their crimes, some are genuinely lost and some simply do not want to let go of the material plane.  We have uncovered some really fascinating and compelling stories in our time.
More recently and just ‘for fun’ we’ve gone along to a couple of ghost hunting experiences run by the lovely Pauline Day and her husband George where again we’ve been privy to some amazing stories that unfolded during the course of the evenings.  Pauline and George use a variety of ‘ghost hunting’ sensors that you can witness with your own eyes, so for those who consider themselves the most unpsychic of the unpsychic, (you’re not by the way but that’s another story) you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the experience.  Please don’t expect to find hysterical screaming women or demonic possessions akin to some paranormal TV shows though, these events aren’t ‘shows’ adapted to attract high viewings, they are brilliant evenings held to raise money for Kirkwood Hospice with no gimmicks, jiggery pokery or trickery, just a genuine interest in making contact with the ‘other side’.  For more information on Pauline Day events click here.

If you are concerned about any paranormal activity in your own home or workplace, then do give us a call for a chat on 01484 767227.

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