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It's a New Year! New Start, Release and Let Go!

5th Jan 18

The New Year is a great time to let go of the past and to look forward to the future.  Whatever last year held for you, good times or bad, successes, achievements or what you perceived as failures, now is the time to honour the lessons you were brought and to look back with gratitude, for today you are stronger and wiser than you’ve ever been before.  And as this year unfolds know that you are the creator of your destiny and that you have the choice to perceive every situation with positivity, for every situation no matter what, will always serve you for your highest good.

Have you ever watched two ducks quarrelling on a pond? Quacking noisily, splashing water, vying for dominance?  Then all of a sudden the quarrel ends and each duck spreads its wings way out, shakes them vigorously and glides away as if nothing had happened, the disturbance completely forgotten. It’s over and done with, left in the past at the very moment it occurred. There are no grudges, no plotting of revenge,  no repeatedly going over and over the argument or situation in their minds, not thoughts of: 'if only I’d said this' … The swimming away is exactly that, moving away from the past and leaving it exactly where it belongs.

We humans are different and the baggage we hold only serves to weigh us down, to pray on our minds, to leave us with regrets, what ifs, if onlys.  Why do we feel the need to hold on to this baggage? By letting go, we can start to live in the moment instead of living in the past, by releasing worry we can start to live in the moment instead of living in the future.  Happiness is something to experience in the here and now.  If we wait for happiness to happen to us, when will that be?  What will make us happy?  No thing will make us happy.  Things are temporary, happiness is within us, it is already here, we have no need to search for it, we simply need to embrace it.

So, what if we could drop some of that baggage that is weighing us down?  What if we could wipe the slate clean and start anew, what if we allowed  room for new, exciting experiences instead of reliving the old over and over? The following is a meditation that I like to start my New Years classes with.  Why not give it a go?  The only thing you have to lose is what doesn't serve you anyway:

For the next few minutes, think of a person with whom you have discord with.  Something that occupies your mind, something you wish you could change. Visualise a television screen in front of you and on that screen recall that person, suspending your judgement. Simply observe them. If you begin to feel emotional, shrink the television screen away from you a short distance, check your breathing and deepen it if possible.  Feel the breath sinking down into your abdomen and slowly release, repeating until calmness descends once more.

Now on that screen visualise an empty room.  The walls, floor and ceiling are white and you see two thrones facing each other about 8 feet apart, equally as plush and elaborate as you wish to make them.

Imagine yourself walking towards one of the thrones and take a seat, resting your arms on the arm rest, your feet flat on the floor and straightening your spine.  Close your eyes and take 3 deep, centering breaths.  In a moment you will open your eyes and when you do, you know that opposite you sitting on the other throne will be the person you brought to mind

Open your eyes and with a loving gaze, let your eyes meet theirs.  Notice that the face of the person has softened and that they meet your gaze with a loving one of their own. Remember, judgement doesn’t belong here. There are no who was right, who was wrong, just a sense of oneness, for this situation occurred to help you progress, without it there could be no benefit and if you are unable to see what possible benefit there could be, then you will, when you are ready to let go of any hurt and anger.

Now visualise a figure 8 being drawn around the two thrones in a brilliant white light on the floor, so each throne is contained in the opposite circle that make up an 8. It is now time for release.  Send love and a blessing to that person.  Thank them with deep gratitude for they have been one of your greatest teachers. This does not mean you are condoning their behaviour, merely that you are accepting it for what it was, a valuable life’s lesson.

Directly in the middle of the number 8, you see a magnificent sword appear.  On your next outbreath watch as the sword’s blade swings and cuts through the centre of the 8, so the two circles are no longer joined.  On your next out breath watch as the two circles gently draw away from each other, the throne in front of you gradually moving further and further away until it becomes a speck in the distance and finally gone back to the past where it belongs. Visualise the smile on your face becoming broader, feel your eyebrows lifting and your shoulders dropping. Visualise yourself standing up now, hands down by the sides of your thighs, palms facing forwards and on your next in breath swing your arms out by your side and up over your head with your palms facing towards the heavens.  On your next outbreath slowly bring your outstretched arms back down to your thighs, feeling light and unburden.

This is a great, effective, little meditation that you can do anywhere at anytime.  We may look to the New Year as a time of shedding those post Christmas pounds, how about incorporating shedding that emotional baggage and feeling tons lighter in a spiritual way too?

Meditation Monday classes restart on 8th January, 9.30-10.30am or 7.30pm-8.30pm, we'd love to see you there.

May 2018 be blessed with wonder and magic for each and every one of you.

Ann x

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