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Karma - An Alternate View

16th Mar 18

Words by Ann Halstead

Karma.  It’s a word bandied about a lot isn’t it?  Usually in the context of searching for reassurance that some sort of justice will be forthcoming.  Well, I have a slightly different view about Karma and it may not be a popular one.  All I ask is keep an open mind for now and if it doesn’t resonate with you then that’s fine.  I am not implying in any way that I ‘know’ the truth, I write from a point of how I ‘feel’.  I’ve written previously about opinions and beliefs (you can read that article here) and that’s just what they are, opinions or beliefs, they are the truth of the person airing them at that particular time; it doesn’t mean that they have to be your truth and that’s what I love.  I love to hear what other people think, I love to learn and to be shown things from a different angle and if it means I have a change of mind then so be it, I'm well open to change.  I feel that’s one way we can really grow and learn from each other.  We should never stop learning.

For me, Karma is not about the smug feeling that someone will get their just desserts for some wrong act they have committed.  That is our human need to see justice being done. The society we live in is all about punishment and rewards, so it satisfies us to see a punishment being carried out, it satisfies our ego that somehow we are a ‘better’ person than that and it satisfies our inner child’s desire to say ‘I told you so’, ‘Serves them right!’ or ‘There, they’ve got what they deserve!’  Smug, satisfied smirk.

This vehicle of ours, this body has the capacity to feel, think, rationalise, analyse, follow a belief system and ultimately make choices.  A body of flesh can feel physical pain, the majority of us can and do experience a whole host of emotions from love to hatred, happiness, sadness, jealousy, compassion, envy, empathy, embarrassment, pride and a whole lot more in between. Our experiences mould us and make us into the person we are now.  Our future reactions are based on the experiences we’ve had.  This is why we can be taken by surprise when someone reacts in a way that we see is completely out of context because we don’t know what past experience has triggered them.

So let’s look at Karma from a different perspective, a spiritual sense. In English, Karma means action and every action we take, every decision we make, every word we speak, creates a consequence.  Currently within this ‘blame’ culture we seem to have sunk into, we may fall into the trap of thinking that things happen to us and that sometimes it’s easier to attribute those things to being someone else’s fault.  Now let’s consider some of the choices we’ve made in life.  What conversations we’ve had, what influences we’ve listened to, what actions we’ve taken, what choices we’ve made on top of choices which has led to us being exactly where we are right now.  Some may call it coincidence, I personally don’t believe in coincidences as being random occurrences.

What if there's a reason behind everything that happens; the good, the bad, the indifferent?  What if that reason was about allowing this human, flesh and blood vehicle of ours to have experiences in physical pain and all the possible emotions?  Why you may ask?  Well, in the numerous accounts I’ve read of people who have passed on from this life and returned after a near death experience (NDE) the common report is that once we exit this life into consciousness, the spirit world, heaven, whatever you want to call it, all that we experience, is love.  Nothing else but true, unconditional love.  Out of our human shell we are not able to experience physical pain, we have no flesh. We also do not feel any other emotion except this overwhelming love. If life is eternal then what is few years spent on this planet?  Even 100 years is but a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things.  In the physical body however, especially during a hardship, that can seem like an eternity too!

So imagine this:

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts”?

If we think in terms of a soul being an eternal being and the physical body merely a vehicle, then no matter what age we pass over as an incarnate being, that soul is still as ancient as time itself. 

We tend to grieve more over the passing of the ‘young’ than the ‘old’ and this is a human way of thinking. So let’s consider the possibility of a need to pass over at every single age, from every possible scenario, whether that’s illness, accident, murder, then each passing adds to our souls experience and not only that, it adds to the experiences of those around us who grieve and are maybe inspired to go out do some good because of it. The experience also serves their soul’s purpose too.

I still believe we have a choice to think, feel and act the way that we do. All the experiences, all the wrong-doings and injustice that I have been on the receiving end of have indeed served a purpose.  I have grown, I have learned and yes I have suffered because of them. How I or anyone else choose to move forward is a state of mind. I wouldn't be who I am now without living my journey, nor you, yours. 15 years of being bullied both as an adolescent and into the work place as an adult, has served me very well.  Now I would thank my tormentors.  I don't wish them harm, they did me an immense favour.  They directed me to the pathway I needed to be on.

So we have the option to live within a victim mentality that things happen to us and karma will ‘right any wrongs’ or we can perhaps throw our thoughts further afield and ponder the many other possible theories out there.  That choice my friend is yours, there’s no judgement here.

With love,

Ann x

Suggested reading list:

Many Lives, Many Masters, Brian L Weiss MD
Journey of Souls,  Michael Newton
Proof of Heaven, Dr Eben Alexander
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