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Are You Awakening?

29th Mar 18

Artwork: Shmueli Bell
Words: Jonathan Halstead

Are you Awakening?

What do we mean when we talk of someone being awake? Every single one of us arrives on this planet with no memory of any previous life or where we came from. Do we just “arrive” or do we have a history, a previous life or lives even? 

The answer to these questions is one that has caused debate since time immemorial. It is not simply a question of what we know but how we feel. As we mature, some become very aware of their intuition whilst others dismiss it as being illogical or irrational. The moment we begin to trust in our intuition is the moment we not only think about a situation but how we feel about it too. It’s that gut feeling, a feeling of whether something sits right or it doesn’t. When we begin to trust in our feelings, we begin to be guided by them and rather than be guided by rational thought alone, we question whether a situation ‘feels’ right for us. We become increasingly consciously aware that our lives may be connected to or guided by some sort of higher mystical plan, as if we are drawn into things by destiny or fate.

How many times have you made a decision based on your intuition and were you right to follow that feeling? The more we trust, the stronger our intuition becomes. We begin to have feelings that maybe we have a spirit, maybe we have a soul? What is it that guides us, what is this intuition thing? Is there more to life than just the physical world we see around us? It is these exact thoughts that set us on the path of self discovery. Who am I, why am I here? What’s life all about?

When we ask those questions, it’s as if our higher self begins to respond, our higher state of being, the very thing which is hidden from all of us but yet appears to reside within. Is our intuition and our higher self one and the same? Don’t think about that question, ask yourself how you feel about it. When we begin to communicate with our higher selves, we begin ‘awakening’ to the possibility that we are spiritual beings and physical beings all at the same time. Once we connect to our higher consciousness, it feels as though we have met an old friend again, it gives us a feeling of coming home, as if our spirit is full of all the knowledge that there ever was, is and will be and it is all wrapped up in love. It becomes a beautiful reunion.

To achieve that awakening of your higher consciousness, you must trust in yourself and your intuition. To connect to it, you need to still the mind and the heart. Learn meditation, take time and make time to do this. Your inner voice can only be truly heard clearly when your mind is still and do not expect instant results. Afford yourself time to make that connection to your higher consciousness, invest in your connection to your spiritual self because the more you do invest, the greater and more beautiful the rewards will be. 

Jonathan x

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