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Are You Affected By The Moods Of Others?

23rd Jun 18

One of my dear old dad’s sayings, God rest his soul, was “I'm always in a good mood until someone puts me in a bad one".  And so I grew up with the belief that other people were responsible for the way I was feeling. In fact it happened to me the other day, happy as Larry I was until a situation reared its ugly head that saw my mood spiralling down to the depths.   In case you are wondering who Larry was and why he was so happy, I had a google and found this:

“It originates from a boxer called Larry Foley in the 1890s, before boxing was fully legalised. He won the biggest prize of about $150,000 dollars and a newspaper article in New Zealand had the headline “Happy As Larry” and the phrase stuck”.  Source  So now you know!

Quietly seething, I began to notice what was going through my mind and how it was affecting my body. Tension had set in, words were playing over and over and this huge wave of indignation kept sweeping through me.  This wasn’t the mood I’d started my day with, far from it, but so embroiled had I become, it took me a while to realise that my ego was having an absolute field day, it was loving every second of this indignation, of feeling wronged and injustice and so it kept perpetuating this state, like it was savouring every mouthful of a sumptuous banquet and it wasn’t going to let go until every morsel had been devoured. With that recognition, I laughed.  My ego needed to be right, simple as that. It felt wounded and hurt and had taken the situation personally.  Last year I wrote a blog on why we take things personally.  You can read it here. I needed to revisit that Toltec Wisdom and so I did.

Understanding is winning the first battle, keeping it in practice can be a little tougher but a simple reminder is all we need.  My dad has passed his belief on to me and I’d accepted it as the truth.  In that split second when indignation burst forth like an exploding pop bottle, I had forgotten that it is  me and me alone that gets to choose how I feel.  I’d reverted back to my dad’s words and forgotten all those wisdom teachings that I have learned over the years.  In those initial moments, dad was right, someone had put me in a bad mood and he kept being right until I remembered the truth. No one can make you feel anything without your consent.   It was time for my ego, whom I christened Hyacinth Bucket a good number of years ago, to disappear back to the depths of whence she came and get over herself. And banished she was.

There is one sure fire way that I can get my spirit to soar once more and that’s by cranking up some music, praying no one is within ear shot, belting out some feel good tunes and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.  Do you need to be right, or do you need to be happy? Try it and let me know if it helps :-)

Much love,

Ann x

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