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Uncertainty Is The Certain!

22nd Jul 18

words by Ann Halstead

Uncertainty is without doubt a certainty we experience at some point in our life. It swoops in accompanied by anxiety and stress which at times can be overwhelming.  You may be just coming out of a period of uncertainty.  You may be going through it right now.  It may even be a constant companion, gnawing away at your confidence.  Anxiety arises when we begin to imagine what the future might hold and for some reason that I can only put down to our survival response, the worst case scenario is usually the one that torments us, playing over and over, as though somehow we’ll become prepared.  
It’s interesting how a single thought can cause an instant reaction in our body.  From looking forward to something with shining eyes, grins and an excitement that spreads out from  within, to dreading something with a shortness of breath, tremors and butterflies within.  A single thought is all it takes to alter our mood.  Unfortunately thoughts tend to spiral and that internal dialogue can soon whip us up into an absolute frenzy.
When you think of an uncertainty, there is always a starting point and just as every moment has a starting point, it also has an ending point.  Whether that’s within minutes, hours, weeks, months or even years, no situation lasts for ever.  It evolves, we evolve, nothing ever stays the same.
If we can begin to trust that all is unfolding exactly as it should be and as the saying goes: ‘sometimes when things seems to be falling apart, they are actually falling into place’ we can begin to see an ending point and when we understand that life won’t always be the way it is, then there is less suffering, less pain, less anxiety and less stress.

We may not be able to alter or influence our present circumstance, we may not be able to change someone’s point of view or their behaviour but one thing we do have control over is our perception.  We can choose to search for the silver lining, to eagerly await the positives that the changes will bring or we can choose to dwell on what was and grieve its passing.  We all need time to come to terms with changes, some need more time than others, our happiness depends on how we choose to ride the storm and whether we choose to move forward or not.  So dream the impossible dream, believe in a better outcome, flow into a brighter future because anything is possible.  Write your own story.  You are the main character in the story of your life, not , you are not a small part in anyone elses.

Ann x


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