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Sowing The Seeds Of Intention

1st Sep 18

I’ve not experienced it just yet and to be honest I’ve deliberately avoided experiencing it just yet. That distinct, unmistakable aroma that sends a signal to your psyche, you know it instantly. It’s instinctive, it triggers something deep within. Maybe you find yourself like I do, eyes closed, whispering, ‘It’s here’ as you breathe in that heady scent of damp earth, a nurturing mustiness that can only mean one thing.  Autumn has arrived.  To me, it’s a scent like no other, it signifies a resignation whether I’m ready to let go of the year or not, Gaia firmly says: “it’s time” and with that, there is no point arguing.

I admit, I have mixed feelings about Autumn.  One half of me loves the season with a passion, the bursts of warm, spice-like colours where everywhere looks like an explosion in a paint factory, the other half of me laments the ending of yet another year.  We are hurtling through space at 67,000 mph, slow down universe, need you go so fast?  Just once in a while I’d like to freeze time.  I am driven by a passion to learn, to experience, to feel, to connect, to embrace everything that life has to offer, warts and all (well not literal warts thank you universe if you are listening) and this tiny brain of mine is already steadily shrinking as I approach my autumnal phase of this life, there’s so much more I want to cram in there.  So slow down universe and let me drink it all in a little while longer please, I’ll follow on whenever I’m ready. 

But that’s just the point isn’t it? When are we ever ready, for anything? It’s far easier to talk our self out of something because we don’t feel ready.  I love the saying ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. Hell yeah!  So now whenever a new experience raises its head and those over active butterflies take residence in the pit of my stomach, I unleash the intrepid explorer within and use that energy to forge ahead and ride those waves like the expert surfer boy I’ll never be, well not in this incarnation at any rate.  The nearest I get to it is waving the ‘hang loose’ signal at fellow hippie buses lol. Grab life!  Dare to raise your head above the parapet once in a while. Don’t let it pass you by!

And now back to what I intended to write about before I was so easily led astray by other thoughts.  Our ancestors knew their stuff about the ways of the world and learned how to live in harmony with each passing season (as much as they could) as we can still learn a thing or two, well a lot actually from the philosophy of the ancients.  I’d like to leave you with this.  Autumn is a time for reflection.  We started the New Year full of hopes and dreams and good intentions, then no doubt for most of us, life got in the way.  As the dark nights start to draw in (Nooooooooo! Oh hang on, the winter solstice is only 17 weeks away, then the light returns yay!) it’s a great time to reflect on this passing year and re-evaluate where we would like to be this time next year (Bali maybe? The Seychelles? Only joking)  Autumn is a time for gathering the harvest of the metaphysical seeds that we have already sown and it may be that we forgot to nurture those seeds, that we unintentionally neglected those seeds and we find our self not where we’d hoped to be. 

The good news is however that Autumn is also the time to plant those seeds of intention, so get clear on what it is that you’d like to attract into your life, be specific, then plant those intentions into the fertile soil of your heart, allow them to nestle in and be nurtured so come Springtime they can begin to germinate into fruition. Take the Autumn as a signal to start slowing down, just like nature, listen to your body and honour the sleepy dormouse side of you that longs to rest and recuperate. Long instilled in us by our ancestors, instinctively our bodies understand that the hard physical work of harvest time is over; it’s time to celebrate and be grateful for what we have now. Rest through the barren period of winter just as nature intends so when spring comes in like a lion, you’ve got all the reserves and strength you need to ensure those blossoming intentions burst into flower.

Much love,

Ann x

p.s. I love to hear your views so do please drop me a line if you wish :-)


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