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Feeling A Little Out Of Sorts Lately?

5th Oct 18

Are you feeling it?  Something  you can’t quite put your finger on? It’s like there’s something rumbling in the background, something we just can’t quite hear but something we have a sense of.   You may find it’s affecting your mood or the moods of those around you and whilst I have no tangible proof of this of course, it’s just a sense, a knowing, anyone who is sensitive to the natural energy around us is experiencing symptoms of these changing times too. Major shifts are happening, right now.

There may be a feeling of having to let go whether we are ready to or not.  People leaving our lives, through their choice or ours or though the natural transition of them passing over.  So many are experiencing this sense of loss and some of you may be feeling this without any physical loss at all, which makes it even more puzzling.  It’s a similar feeling to mourning but with no explanation.

You may be feeling an increasing frustration with your life and what’s going on around you.  Perhaps you find yourself in despair at the actions of others that you come into contact with or humanity itself?  Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of some unusual hostile behaviour towards yourself or perhaps you find yourself feeling a little less tolerant towards others.  Do you sometimes feel you don’t ‘belong’ anymore? Or how about impatience?  Wanting ‘things’ to hurry up, to resolve but you’re not quite sure what those ‘things’ are.

How’s your sleep pattern been recently? When energy shifts are taking place it’s not unusual for someone who normally sleeps well to find themselves waking during the night and not finding it easy to get back to sleep again.

Are you feeling unusually drained and lacking in energy without any medical or rational reason?

Are you experiencing highs and lows again without any medical or reasonable explanation?  This can be anything from feeling incredibly excited for no apparent reason, bursts of unexplained joy and those moments I like to explain as feeling your eyes are really shining.  Then without warning you hit a low period, an emptiness and things that you would normally brush off start getting to you.  There can also be a sense of dread, of doom and gloom and let me say at this point that this is not because there is anything to fear, on the contrary, it’s the body’s way of letting you know that you are a part of great changes.  It wants you to take notice and what better way to get your attention!

Is there anything we can do to make this transition easier?

Well, I could lecture you on the importance of a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise but you know that bit already don’t you, right?  You don’t need me telling you what you should or shouldn’t be eating.  If you want other people’s opinions forced on you we’ve got the Facebook evangelists for that *rolls eyes* lol.  In fact there’s nothing really I can tell you that you don’t already ‘know’, it’s more of a reminder really.


Firstly, I believe we all need some space and some ‘quiet time’ alone, without distraction, interruption or anyone else’s energy field come to that! Cue Great Garbo: I vant to be alone!  Spending time alone with as little electrical interference as possible is a great way to help reboot the system.  We are in a constant state of bombardment by portable devices.  Before mobiles phones became common place, or even before we’d heard of them, we didn’t think twice about leaving home and being out of contact. These days, the absence of a mobile can literally induce panic!  Not a good thing really.

That doesn’t mean you can stop coming to my Monday meditation classes by the way, this isn’t a get out of jail free card lol and if you’re not already coming along, why not?  Group meditation is a different kettle of fish altogether, it should really have its own sub-heading - it’s great! ;-)

Getting out in nature! 

You’ve heard me say that time and time again haven’t you?  Anywhere that makes you feel good – fields, rivers, streams, lakes, woodlands, forests, mountains, moors whatever is your thing, be there, more often.  Allow the planet’s natural resonance to reset your own personal energy field.

Self-Kindness, Compassion, Acceptance

Practising self-kindness and compassion is all important to our wellbeing.  Stop giving yourself such a hard time – it really is ok not to feel ok!  These feelings won’t last for ever, accept that but whilst you’re in the middle of them then be your own best friend not your own worst enemy.  Accept everything that is all around you, you don’t have to like it but neither do you have to fight it, it’s your choice.


Oh the importance of music to the soul!  Immerse yourself in it, feel it, breathe it, absorb it.  Find the stuff that makes your heart soar.  The incredible healing power of sound should never be overlooked.  As I type I’m currently listening to Raido by Wardruna and the chorus of Odal gives me shivers, there’s something about it that transports me back to ancient times, as soon as the harmonies hit, eyes closed, I’m off…


What!?!   Fairies, dragons, Paul Daniels?  Well erm, no not quite.  I mean the magic that’s within us all, that’s within you!  Yes you!  Don’t you understand what an incredible powerful being you are or have you forgotten?  Let me remind you, that you are an amazing being of light, a creator, a manifester and that you already have all the tools you’ll ever need in life buried within.  You were born with them, they are your birth right.  I’m not talking about a rabbit in a top hat either.  Thoughts are living things, choose yours wisely.

Well that’s 5 of them to be going on with for now.

I just really want to end by saying, that you are not alone experiencing these energy shifts. The vibration of the earth is raising and if you’re meant to rise with it, then so be it.  Get there kicking and screaming if you like or ride the storm, either way we are entering a new phase, an exciting phase, a more positive phase that we look forward to sharing with you.  If you need a hand to help you get through it, then just reach out, we are here :-)

Much love,


Ann x


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