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Schumann Spikes & Mayan Mayhem

27th Oct 18

You may be hearing a lot recently about energy shifts, in fact it’s a topic Jonathan and I have been talking about quite a bit of late.  So what’s it all about then, what does this all mean?

Let’s start by casting our minds back to 2012, where the big news of the year was that the 5,126 year long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count, or in layman’s terms, the Mayan calendar,  was coming to an end and with it at 11.11 UTC on 21st December 2012, the end of the world.  Those of us who thought they’d got out of buying Christmas presents that year were in for a rude awakening and there was an almighty rush from folk, especially from Yorkshire who had thought they might as well save a bob or two if no one was going to be around to enjoy them.

Joking aside, there was in general an underlying feeling of trepidation rippling through and I imagine everyone at some time did question whether there could be an inkling of truth in the rumour or whether the Maya person given the onerous task of continuing the calendar, simply went on a fag break one day and decided there and then to opt for a career change. Who knows?  It could have happened!

From a spiritual aspect, the interpretation of the calendar’s end is centred around the transitioning into a new age rather than a physical Armageddon.  This prediction can be found in prophecies made by the Hopi, other Native American visionaries from Black Elk to Sun Bear and other ancient texts.  It’s about a rise in consciousness, a need to return to the ancient wisdom teachings, it’s the realisation of how mankind has been let down and led astray by governments and religion and that the way forward is to evaluate our true essence and how we can live our lives in harmony on this amazing planet of ours.  Materialism causes nothing but wars, jealousy and discord, humankind seems to have forgotten the essence of empathy and compassion in its obsession for ‘owning’ stuff, for using material objects as a status of being so called ‘better’ than another.  It’s high time for a shake up, seriously how can we continue in this throw-away society when new this, new that comes out with frightening regularity.  What happens to the old stuff?  Where does it go? It doesn’t evaporate that’s for sure! 

Just as civilisations gone before us have destroyed themselves, the ancients predicted that once again we are heading for inevitable self-destruction.  Will we ever learn?  I believe that this time, yes, more and more people have a pretty good chance of waking up to what we have become and saying ‘no more!’. Let’s do things differently this time, let’s be who we are meant to be, let’s rise up to be our authentic selves and throw off the shackles of modern day slavery to which we have unwittingly succumbed. But I digress!

My intention for today’s blog was to talk about the energy shifts until someone from ‘up there‘ decided to pop in for a mini spiritual rant lol, hopefully I’m back on track on track now. 

You may have heard the term Schumann resonance bandied about a lot lately.  In very simplified terms (yes, some of you may guess I am no scientist) there are approximately 2,000 thunderstorms happening all over the plant at any given moment.  Each lightning burst creates electromagnetic waves that are caught between the earth’s surface and that of the ionospheric layer in the Earth’s atmosphere.  Some of these waves combine to produce a measurable frequency of 7.83 Hz which the ancient Indian Rishis named Om (pronounced ‘oom’ as in home) the incarnation of pure sound and is considered to be the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism.  This frequency is also known as the natural heartbeat of the earth or the earth’s song and our wellbeing positively depends on it.  When we allow ourselves time to be out in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of modern day living, our body tunes into this ‘heartbeat’  which stimulates the body’s own natural ability to rejuvenate and heal itself more efficiently.  Sounds far-fetched?  Not at all! It is fact that when man first went into outer space, the health of the Astronauts seriously deteriorated - that is until the introduction of the Schumann resonator, a magnetic pulse generator that mimics the earth’s frequency.

Professor W Schumann first theorised the pulse of the earth in 1953 and in the years that followed much researched was carried out leading to Dr Ankermueller making the connection that the earth has the same natural resonance as the human brain.  Other forms of research linked to the topic of frequencies point towards appliances such as computers, TVs, mobile phones, radio waves etc emit frequencies that we can’t see but we can feel in a manifested form of headaches, stress, mood swings, insomnia as well as far more debilitating symptoms. Man-made frequencies drown out nature, we have literally become out of tune with Mother Nature.  Look up the work of Dr Wolfang Ludwig if you’re interest in finding out more.

For many years the resonance of the Schumann frequency has hovered at a steady 7.83 Hz.  In June 2014, monitors at the Russian Space Observing System showed a sudden spike in activity and since then fluctuations have been recorded as fast as 16.5 Hz.  Equipment malfunction has been ruled out and the recorded data deemed as accurate.  As the earth’s frequency is believed to be in tune with the human brain’s alpha and beta states, could this be why we feel time is flying by so quickly these days?

In an article by Kathy J Forti – Why Is Earth’s Schumann Resonance Accelerating, Kathy reveals how these resonances correlate to the human brain from 7.83 Hz the frequency of a relaxed state to 12-15 Hz which is an ideal state of ‘awakened calm’ where our thought process are clearer and more focussed. As Mother Earth shifts her vibrational frequency it causes us to do the same – are we on the brink of awakening?  Kathy was told by a wise old sage from India that ‘that the magnetic field of Earth was put in place by the Ancient Ones to block our primordial memories of our true heritage. This was so that souls could learn from the experience of free-will unhampered by memories of the past. He claimed that the magnetic field changes are now loosening those memory blocks and we are raising our consciousness to greater truth. The veil is lifting. The blinders are coming off. If true, it raises even more intriguing questions.

Whatever is happening, it’s clear that this acceleration may make you feel more tired, exhausted, dizzy, depressed, and even strange as you raise your own frequencies to be more “in tune” with the New Earth. Adaptation is not always an easy process, but keep in mind it’s all part of your own unique AWAKENING’

My own conclusion for what it’s worth is that currently we are in a complete state of imbalance.  We are living in an environment bombarded with man-made frequencies that are throwing our natural state of being into utter chaos and it’s affecting our physical, emotional and mental health.  We are parasites on our own planet who have forgotten how to live in harmony and we are right in the midst of a frequency war. The natural planet was designed to support our health and wellbeing yet in the so called advancement of the human race we are creating an extremely unhealthy environment of anxiety and tension.  Is it any wonder then that our wellbeing is suffering?  I believe the earth is fighting back in the only way she can and that is to raise her frequency in order that we may raise ours to a much higher consciousness, a collective consciousness that will bring us back to a state of thriving not surviving.  This to me is the evolution of humankind.  So let’s spend less time in the company of electrical equipment and more time out in nature, let’s use the healing power of sound and it’s vibrations to bring in equilibrium and above all, let’s connect human being to human being in this physical reality not in virtual reality.


Ann x

If you are interested in finding out more about the healing power of sound click here.

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