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Energy Shifts November 2018

9th Nov 18

Words by Ann Halstead

The energy spikes I've been talking about these last couple of weeks have certainly created a stir.  Thank you to everyone who has written to me, I will try and get back to each and everyone of you as quickly as I can.  It's certainly a subject that's fired up my curiosity that's for sure.  Wednesday 7th November saw another massive spike and for many of us it's throwing our personal GPS off course.  Brain fog, feeling disorientated, frazzled, overwhelmed, with anxiety and fear at higher levels and an inability to make decisions are yet more symptoms.  There appears to be a direct correlation between these spikes and the impact it is having on us both mentally and physically.  I have no scientific back-up for what I write, apparently however the science is out there if you have the time and brain capacity to digest it.  Sadly I have neither at the moment.  I do recall something about the Max Planck Society who undertook some research in the 60's on the effect of the Schumann resonance on the brain but I think that's about as far as I got. If any of you do have the inclination to look into it in more detail then please let us know your findings.

As someone who is sensitive to the energies I have been having a few 'odd' moments of late. One noteable one came after we'd finished clearing up on Tuesday after the psychic evening. Taking a breather before we locked up I became aware of a very deep, resonant sound or should I say two sounds pulsating one after each other.  The sounds were actually vibrating my ear drums, it was bizarre and the more I tried to describe what I was experiencing to Jonathan, the more ridiculous it sounded.  I tried tapping out the beat of the pulsations, listening to a tone generator to try and identify the frequencies where the plot thickened as they appeared to be lower than that of human hearing.  We opened the window to see if the sounds were external but nothing.  This was definitely an internal antennae that was picking something up.  I half joked to Jonathan that it wouldn't surprise me if there was some sort of 'craft' hovering about the building (anyone who knows me, knows that's my least favourite subject).  Needless to say, when we did lock up, my eyes were firmly fixed on the tarmac and then the car door handle before whizzing home, diving under the duvet and not daring to surface until morning, grateful to find no missing time or strange markings on me anywhere either lol. 

Not only did we have to contend with another almighty spike on the 7th, there was also the new moon in Scorpio too!  Double whammy! So having a quick chat with 'them upstairs' I asked if there is any guidance to help those who are finding these changes especially challenging.  The emphasis is about finding the right balance to see us through these emotional shifts, so you know what that means?  Spending more time on personal development rather than diversionary gadgets.  To move forward we need time for reflection, we need to lay bare our souls and stop brushing our feelings under the carpet.  Forgiveness is key and that means forgiving ourselves too.  None of us are perfect, we aren't meant to be perfect and when we can look beyond our own imperfections we can find a sense of freedom because we are releasing our self-limiting beliefs of how we think things 'should be' rather than accepting them for what they are - lessons from which to learn from.  We need to take a leap of faith and open our hearts more; welcome in that divine love. Shake off habits and addictions that don't serve you, that will help lighten the load as you shed some negative layers that are holding you back.  Raise your frequency by letting go of ego and it's perpetual desire to always be right. Refuse to pander to your ego by refusing to become offended, in other words get out of your own way and stop giving your power away to someone else.  Cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to recalibrate rather than beating yourself up for feeling any other than how you 'think' you should feel.  Meditate! If you struggle to meditate alone, then come and join in one of my Monday Meditation classes at 9.30am or 7.30pm.

Above all, remember the ups and downs that you may be experiencing are positive even though they might not be pleasant.  Your whole system is being re-tuned.  Each and everyone of us is a work in progress and during those times that you may be feeling negative, use that as an opportunity to examine what beliefs are causing you to feel that way and then remind yourself: 'You are perfectly imperfect, doing the best you can'.

Namaste x

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