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29th Sep 18

We'd like to extend a very warm welcome to the lovely Eileen Doody who will be joining the Therapist Team here at Holistic Wellbeing from 8th October 2018.

Here in Eileen's own words is a little bit about herself:

Hi,  my name is…

1st Sep 18

I’ve not experienced it just yet and to be honest I’ve deliberately avoided experiencing it just yet. That distinct, unmistakable aroma that sends a signal to your psyche, you know it instantly. It’s instinctive, it triggers something deep within.…

22nd Jul 18

words by Ann Halstead

Uncertainty is without doubt a certainty we experience at some point in our life. It swoops in accompanied by anxiety and stress which at times can be overwhelming.  You may be just coming out…

17th Jul 18

words by Ann Halstead

Last week I spied a magazine, well more of a booklet really in a coffee shop.  Entitled 'Idler' it’s not one I’ve ever seen before and as I scanned the cover, the words “DO LESS, THINK…

23rd Jun 18

One of my dear old dad’s sayings, God rest his soul, was “I'm always in a good mood until someone puts me in a bad one".  And so I grew up with the belief that other people were responsible…

15th Jun 18

What is it about change that makes most of us feel uncomfortable? It's interesting that we view change with suspicion or even fear, almost as though we're preparing ourselves for a loss rather than a gain.  I suppose it all boils…

10th Jun 18


Om Mani Padme Hum

Many people are becoming familiar with the symbol which represents 'Om,' in fact it is becoming so popular that people are not only tattooing it on their bodies, they are also…

30th Apr 18

Words by Jonathan Halstead

One morning about 2 years ago, I was just beginning to wake up after a night’s sleep and in that lucid moment before I was fully awake, I had a vision of using some…

7th Apr 18

Whenever we make a choice, we make it from the highest level of our consciousness in that given moment.  That’s not to say that the choice is the right one.  Sometimes we make the wrong choice for a number of reasons;…

29th Mar 18


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