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Please note that Ann is away until w/c  23rd April.  Any readings purchased will be done the week of her return.  Apologies for the delay. Thank you.

What Is Tarot?

Tarot is a tool for tapping into your unconscious knowledge.   It is a tool to help you with decision making by exploring the pros and cons so you can make a more informed choice. It can help shine a guiding light through that mental fog. 

It is used to empower you and to help you confront the probable outcome of your actions so that you have a sense of which way to turn and ensure a better tomorrow.  It can help you gain insight into situations that may seem hopeless when the frustrations of everyday life can cloud our rational thinking.  It can help us to see our situation from a different perspective and point us in the right direction.  It can guide us to make the required changes needed to positively change a possible outcome.

That said, tarot is not there to make the decision for you, ultimately that is up to you. Think of tarot as your own personal counsellor, a wise old aunt maybe with whom you can seek wisdom and advice.

What Tarot Isn’t:

It is not scary much as Hollywood would have you believe and it’s not all doom and gloom either.  Fortunately, most types of doom are easily avoided with foresight!

It is not about meddling into other people’s affairs, that is unethical and we simply don’t do it. We don’t read for or about anyone who has not asked us to.  If you are wondering what someone else is thinking, ask them!  We can however give you a likelihood of a choice YOU may make surrounding a situation.

We don’t fortune tell.  It’s not about revealing  predestiny, that doesn’t exist.  We all have a choice with the actions we take to determine our own future.  Tarot is a guide; it is not set in stone.

It isn’t always about telling you what you want to know, sometimes it’s about telling you what you need to know.  Sometimes we are simply not supposed to know something, there will however be other information for you at this particular time.

Please note that we are not qualified to provide medical, financial,  legal or psychological advice and would advise you to contact the relevant qualified professional if that is the nature of your question.  As per current legislation: all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Readings In Person or Via Email

If you would like to book a Tarot reading we currently offer 2 choices, via email or in person.  In person Tarot readings cost £40 for a 40 minute appointment, please telephone 01484 76727 to book.  If you’d like an email reading, you will receive a PDF with a photograph of your cards and the interpretation within 2 working days. All reading will be sent to the email registered with PayPal.  Please check your spam folder if you don't appear to receive your reading within 2 working days (please note that Bank Holidays and weekends are not classed as a working days) A choice of email readings are as follows:

£5 – One Card drawn for a short answer to a specific question.  This will typically be one or two lines.

£10 for a Three Card Stop, Start, Continue Reading – What you should STOP doing, what you should START doing and what you should CONTINUE doing to help you move forward.

£10 for a Past, Present & Future Reading – What’s your unresolved past issue, your present obstacle and the way ahead.

More in-depth Insight Readings for either a Specific Question or General Reading on your chosen subject.

£15 for a Four Card Insight reading.

£25 for a Seven Card Insight reading.

£40 for a Ten to Twelve Card Insight reading.

Questions, Questions, Questions...

Before you choose – let’s talk questions.  Specific  questions often lead to more specific answers!  Think about going to the Doctors and telling them you’ve got a pain.  They will have to spend time trying to discover where the pain is, instead of getting straight to the point.

Questions to Avoid – When…?  Will I …?  Should I…? 

Reframe it to something along these lines:

What do I need to see/know/understand right now about…?
How might I improve my chances of…?
What can I do to overcome..?
How can I assist…?
What is preventing me from..?
What do I need to focus on right now…?
What are the benefits/drawbacks of…?

If you struggle to find the right question, please drop us a line: annhalstead@holistic-wellbeing.co.uk

At the checkout there will be a section to type your question and if you’d like to fill us in on a brief background surrounding your question it will help direct the interpretation to your needs and bring clarity rather than generality, that is of course your choice and is optional. 

Tarot/Clairvoyant Parties

Currently we are fully booked up for private parties during 2018.  Perhaps you would like to join us with your friends at one of our High Tea and Tarot events instead? Click here for info. For party rates please email Ann with your requirements. The minimum number of guests for a tarot/clairvoyant party is 6 up to a maximum of 12.  For 8 guests and over the host will receive a free reading during the evening. We always provide 2 readers for each party wherever possible.

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