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Yoga Classes

Find a class to suit your ability...

Level 1 -  Beginners - What to expect in a Gentle Yoga Class
suitable for everyone, mindful, healing yoga, encouraging mobility, moving joints and stretching muscle to improve posture and function.

Level 2 -  Intermediate - What to expect in a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class
flowing from 1 posture to the next, building warmth in the body, building strength, stamina, flexibility, breath lead movement, focus of class changes each week, options to make class easier / harder, ‚Äčenergising.

Level 3 - Advanced - What to expect in an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Class
strong challenging class, focus on correct breathing, concentration, a balance of strength & flexibility, keeping energy within the body, building heat.

Class Prices:  £7 on a drop-in basis, £36 for a block of 6 consecutive classes paid in advance* Please pay your teacher direct.

We are hoping to add more Yoga classes to our timetable over the coming weeks.  If you know of any yoga teachers that may be interested in holding some classes from the centre please ask them to contact either Ann or Jonathan on 01484 767227

Meet the Teachers 

Here is our class timetable - if you have any questions about any of the classes, the relevant teacher would love to hear from you.  All contact details are on there.

Fiona Reid

Thursday 11.15am-12.15pm - Vinyass Flow - Mixed Ability
Thursday 7.00pm - 8.00pm - Ashtanga Mixed Ability

Friday 11.15am-12.15pm Gentle Yoga for all - Beginners
Monday 11am - 12pm Hatha Yoga Mixed Ability

Hi, I'm Fiona. I come from a dance background and through my dance career I found and practiced both Yoga and Pilates. Movement of the body and how it benefits your health and wellbeing is my passion. I believe that with the correct strength, flexibility and balance the body can stay injury and pain free. Yoga is the magic you need in your life!
After retirement from professional dance I obtained my teaching Diploma in Mat Pilates and I teach both the classical and modern Pilates methods. I completed the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course and then travelled to Thailand to complete 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa with “It’s Yoga” where the mission of yoga is to share the love of the practice.

I believe Yoga and Pilates is for everyone, my classes are energising, creative and fun. I am looking forward to joining the team and teaching the clients at Holistic Wellbeing to share, grow and Yogi together!

Contact Fiona: 07713 641355


Liz Woolley

Advanced Vinyassa Flow class Saturdays 9.30am - 10.30am.  Beginners with a good level of general fitness are also welcome.

Here's a little bit about Liz:

"My first Yoga class was over 20 years ago. Something clicked that day and over the years I’ve taken breaks from Yoga but I am always drawn back to the mat. I once read that Yoga is like a massage from the inside out which totally sums up how my body feels after practice.

In a Yoga class you can work every muscle group in the body, not to seek physical perfection but to train the mind to stay focused. The benefits of this discipline stay with you off the mat and begin to transform how you view the world and your place within it.
In my personal practice I have tried many styles of Yoga but Ashtanga is my main practice. My teachers include Claire Studd, Michelle Griffiths and Nicola Harpin among others. I have attended workshops with Michelle Griffiths, Claire Studd & Joey Miles.

My Vinyasa Flow class is influenced by my Ashtanga practice with a focus on joint mobilisation. I am currently completing my British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training with Paul Fox & Carol Price. I am completing my Ashtanga Teacher Training in July this year with David Swenson.

Look forward to seeing you in class!"

Contact Liz on: 07732 782770

Michelle Bolton

Kundalini Yoga: Every Tuesday evening
Time: 7.15pm -8.30pm, Cost: £7 drop in

A little bit about Michelle:

Yoga recognises that we are all one.  I first came to yoga when I was spiritually hungry.  My journey began by exploring the concept that the body and mind are one which has led me to embrace challenging personal circumstances in a much more holistic and healthy way. 
I am a residential undergraduate of The Sahej Academy led by Hari Har Ji Kaur which is one of four teacher training schools in the UK certified by the Kundalini Research Institute for Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Through my studies and my own personal practice, I am finding freedom at the root of, and within, my own life as well as an ever-present space.

Kundalini: the yoga of awareness. It is not simply about flexibility.  Nor is it competitive.  It is not about the perfect pose. It works on an energetic level. By being aware of your own body and your own limitations this yoga awakens your awareness and takes you into your original Self.  It is an unfolding of your own nature.  Kundalini yoga has helped me to develop my intuition to recognise what is real and what my true values are.  What I love most about this path is that people can experience a complete physical, mental and spiritual balance in just one kriya.  It works so effectively and quickly because of this completeness, balance and energy. 
Students of my classes will find themselves in a safe and nurturing space where they are free to truly be their own authentic selves.  They will be guided in precision and encouraged to sustain their efforts throughout each set so that they can reap and feel the lasting effects long after the class has ended.

To contact Michelle: 07401 110012  E-mail: msbolton@me.com

Virginia Walker

We are sad to say that Virginia has left sunny West Yorkshire for a move down south. We wish her all the very bes in her new venture down there!  Hopefully Virginia will be back with us every now and again to run one of her fabulous Yoga Nidra workshops.

In the meantime, we hope to have cover for at least one of her Monday evening classes which we shall be announcing very soon.

*Block Bookings:  Please note that no refunds can be given for any missed classes.  If you have a pre-booked holiday, please inform your teacher before paying for a block of 6.  Any allowances for holidays are wholly at the discretion of the teacher.

Parking: please park in an un-named parking space in the main car park to the rear of the building. If the car park is full, please park responsibly on the main road without causing any obstruction to passing traffic i.e. please do not park opposition the entrance to Whitby Court, by the bollards or bus stop. Thank you.

Consideration: As quiet therapies and other courses/classes are ongoing throughout the day/evenings, we would respectfully ask that all students enter and leave the building quietly please to minimise disturbance, thank you :-)

Finally, please leave muddy boot/shoes in reception or bring a bag to carry them through the centre with.  That would be very much appreciated, thank you :-)

Upcoming classes, courses & events

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Meditation Mondays

Mondays 9.30-10.30am. Evening class on alternate Mondays 7.30-8.30pm.
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QiGong Evening Class

On alternate Mondays 7.30-8.30pm.
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Psychic Evening With Shirley Wilks

Tues 26th June 2018

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First Aid One Day Training Course

Fri 22nd June 2018

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Climate Change with Andrew Johnson

Sun 24th June 2018

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High Tea & Tarot

Sat 7th July 2018

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Sound Bath Experience with Phil Gibson

Sun 2nd Sept 2018

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