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Friday 13th April 2012 - Lucky for Some!!

13th Apr 12

The following heart-warming story was written by Adrian and Mary Stanley of Philadelphia, USA. It's a fantastic demonstration from our Medium Jonathan of 'remote-viewing' and shows that time and distance poses no obstacle for the spirit world. Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy. Ann x

Lucky black cat saved on Friday 13th by amazing medium thousands of miles away!

by Adrian Stanley, Executive at a global publishing company

"It was Wednesday 11th April 2012 and I returned home to Philadelphia from a busy day of meetings in New York to find, to my dismay, that our black cat, Jack, a rescue animal with a heart condition, had not been home since lunch time. Jack has a pretty big presence and rarely misses a meal, so I was immediately alarmed. I began searching all over the neighborhood my young son Jackson in tow, calling Jack's name, looking in every nook and cranny and asking the neighbors if they'd seen him. As darkness fell having to attend to the needs of our one year old son with my wife Mary away on business, the night search options were looking extremely limited.

At the break of dawn the following morning my search resumed. Having already notified our pet alert service as Jack is microchipped, posted online at every possible site and put up posters, later that morning I received a call from someone nearly 3 miles away saying they thought they had Jack. I rushed over excitedly only to find that although this cat was very similar, it was actually a thinner, younger version of Jack; and sadly not ours. Pondering that there may be some other family in the same predicament, I decided to take this newly found cat to the local vet to see if it was chipped; it was and thankfully the Vet managed to find the owner. That's one piece of good news at least I thought.

As Thursday was drawing to an end and with no sign of Jack or any further sightings, I was distraught and worried sick and felt compelled to call my long time friend and medium in the UK, Jonathan Halstead, as Jonathan had been on my mind recently and I somehow knew he could help. More than 10 years ago, Jonathan had previously helped me find an address/password book that had gone missing in my house somewhere. Jonathon had never visited my house before yet guided by spirit, he gave me directions by telephone and walked me through my house where lo and behold I found the missing book! To this day I'll never forget the feeling of astonishment that this remote viewing experience gave me, nor will I forget the incredible attention to detail that Jonathan relayed. It is an experience that will always stay with me.

So, around 4.30pm Eastern US time on Thursday 12 April 2012, with Jack missing for a scary 30 hours, and at my wits end, I followed my instinct and called Jonathan. I told him about the situation and asked if he had any advice or thoughts. To my surprise, Jonathan started describing the surrounding area and said he had a feeling that the cat was not very far away from our house. Even though Jonathan has never visited us in the States before, met any of our pets or seen photographs, he described the cat as a large black cat with yellow eyes. He also saw a cross, and a school with people in a grey and checked school uniform when across from my house is a convent and private catholic school, he said the cat will be insight of the cross. Jonathan then saw iron railings and a sky light/window opening. He said he felt that the cat was still alive but may have been licking his wounds after a fight and their maybe issues with its back legs. Jonathan also told me the cat was keeping dry out of the rain and that he could hear Jack's cry. I confirmed that it had been raining, and it was not unusual for Jack to cry out when he wanted something as he was a very vocal cat! By now I was concerned that Jack had not had any food and water for 30+ hours, although comfortingly Jonathan reassured me that cats can be very resourceful which certainly helped. He went on to say that he felt the cat was in some kind of cellar or basement and that I would find Jack by looking down at his big yellow eyes.

Armed with this new information and hope, I went back out looking for the cat in places like Jonathan had mentioned within a 1 mile radius of the house. There are actually a few catholic buildings and convents near to where I live. My son and I searched for Jack for another 3 hours, calling his name, looking in every nook and cranny and talking to all the neighbors until once again, darkness fell. A couple of times during the search I thought we'd pinpointed the exact place that Jonathan had described; only to find to our disappointment, there was no expectant black cat looking up at us. At about 8pm that night with the light faded and my son needing to go to bed, I reluctantly called off the search and spent a sleepless night worrying our pet was trapped without food and water and maybe dying a slow, painful death, or something even worse.

As I awoke early on Friday April 13th as daylight was breaking; something drew me back to one of the places we'd looked the day before where there was a window at floor level in a cellar, slightly ajar. I'd not attempted to push it open previously as it was covered with leaves and twigs and we'd not heard Jack's distinctive cry that he makes to let us know when he's near. As I brushed aside the twigs and leaves to test the window I found it pushed open fairly easily and there below, about 6 feet down, was Jack looking up with his big yellow eyes, meowing away!! What a feeling of relief and euphoria he was still alive! With Vanessa our nanny holding open the swing window so I wouldn't get trapped down there as well, I clambered through the window and jumped down to reach Jack, who amazingly, much to our relief, appeared in good health. I recall seeing a boiler heater and thinking the room was dry and warm. It was no wonder Jack couldn't get out, I was nearly stuck in there myself. After a quick phone call to my worried wife Mary, who was just about to board her plane home, we whisked Jack home where he promptly ate 4 breakfasts and lapped up water like a man returning from a month in the desert!

The euphoria of finding Jack was unbelievable. I would have never known to look in that place, or to be able to focus the search without Jonathan's help and guidance. Also, the school was closed for Easter break and the cellar he was found in was bare save for some lawn equipment, so it was unlikely anyone else would have found Jack in time. The fact that someone can tune in, can sense and describe a place thousands of miles away is truly astonishing! I have never doubted Jonathan's abilities as a Medium and Spiritual Councilor, but still, this story and the rescue of Jack pushes the boundaries of human belief and rekindles the power of spirit; it shows that we are all connected together in some bigger mystical way.

Further back ground to the story - Mary and I are passionate animal lovers, having 2 rescue dogs and 3 rescue cats who all get along famously together. Jonathan and I were childhood friends living across the street from each other in the UK from the age of 3-13. We lost touch after he moved away at the age of 13 but later through chance (or was it chance?) met up again at a meeting through work. Jonathan has given spiritual readings to myself and Mary whilst we've been back visiting the UK and I've introduced many friends and colleagues to Jonathan over the years when they have lost loved ones or needed spiritual healing.

I was born on the 13 and Friday 13 has always been lucky for me. Jack was a rescue cat found in a burnt out building...he got to know us by eating our left over Mexican food as we walked passed the burnt out building on the way home from a meal.

The day after we found Jack, Jonathan had a missing cat turn up in his house out of nowhere; could this be a sign there are more lost animals wanting his help to find their homes? I have no doubt Jonathon could help many worried souls."


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