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20th Jan 19

The Curse of Fibromyalgia

Article by Revana Swales BSc. MSc. Dip. Ac MBAcC

Imagine experiencing extreme tiredness, all your muscles aching and you are feeling pain so intensely that even a minor injury such as stubbing a…

12th Jan 19

Post Christmas Musings
words:  Ann Halstead

Could you dare to consider for one a moment, a fleeting second or dare I suggest more, that maybe, just maybe, you could do yourself the enormous service of unconditionally accepting yourself…

9th Dec 18

article by Eileen Doody

Flowers have always been used in healing but it was the work of Dr. Edward Bach in the early part of the twentieth century that revived their use in the western world.  After many years of clinical experience…

8th Dec 18

Love it or loathe it, Christmas comes round every year and seemingly earlier each year too! It’s not uncommon to see baubles alongside Back To School stuff in September, never mind that most of us would rather…

3rd Dec 18

Chakra Crystal Pouches

If you are the proud owner of one of our beautiful hand-picked Chakra Crystal Pouches, thank you very much for your giving them a loving home. You will find information here which will help you to get started in using and caring for them.

Firstly, to help you identify…

1st Dec 18

The Labradorite Angel Calls

Earlier this week, we paid our crystal suppliers a visit for a restock.  Well, this beauty kept on calling out and much as I tried to ignore her, especially her price tag, she somehow…

25th Nov 18

As a kid, I loved devouring general knowledge books. Amongst many other subjects, I was fascinated with diagrams of how volcanoes worked and how our planet was formed, about dinosaurs, fossils and the beginnings of life itself. In high school, when…

23rd Nov 18

words by Eileen Doody

Have you ever felt pain, discomfort or a feeling of being “not quite right” long after a physical injury had healed or following a stressful or traumatic period in your life?

Dr. John Upledger an osteopathic physician and developer…

9th Nov 18

Words by Ann Halstead

The energy spikes I've been talking about these last couple of weeks have certainly created a stir.  Thank you to everyone who has written to me, I will try and get back to each…

3rd Nov 18

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain.
Article by Revana Swales
BSc. MSc. Dip.Ac. MBAcC

Traditional acupuncturists and their many satisfied clients have known for many years that acupuncture effectively treats chronic pain. Recently after extensive research the National Institute for…

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