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Crystal Sound Activation Therapy

About us

What is Crystal Sound Activation?

Crystal Sound Activation Therapy is a transformational experience drawing on our rich ancestral, tribal and spiritual heritage. The Ancients accepted that we are all Spirit, as one with all creation, coming from the source of Light and that our physical wellbeing is intrinsically connected with our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. As we journey into another age of enlightenment, we are beginning to re-discover the amazing power of sound and how resonant frequencies, when combined with Mother Earth’s natural resources, through natural instruments, gem stones and crystals, all bring together a powerful holistic healing modality for all to benefit by.


With Crystal Sound Activation, the intent we set is always for our highest good, for profound change, the connection to our higher consciousness, the True Self and the journey of the soul. It promotes the clearing of blocks in the Body-Mind circuitry, allowing the natural light energies to flow within us. Sound and intention together, creates a natural, focused healing space.


Jonathan will empathically attune to you. He connects with Archangels, Spiritual and Earth energies, and is directed by your Higher Self and personal Spirit Guides.  Your individual needs are addressed and a clearing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels occurs, opening chakras, removing blockages and negative energies, re-aligning energy flow in the body.  The ceremony is a fusion of sacred practices from diverse ancient cultures, such as Tibet, India, North America and other-dimensional wisdom, gently helping you to enter a deep trance state of healing.


As the activation journey begins you are invited to drink water from a beautiful Rose Quartz bowl. Water has powerful properties as has been discovered through the work of Dr Masaru Emoto. The water you will receive, has been blessed and carries the intention for the highest good possible, for the initiation of personal evolution, programming the mind with positive thoughts as the water carries this intention into the cells of the body.

Crystal Layout

Specifically chosen crystals are placed on the Chakras and around the body.  The combination of precious gems, crystals and sacred symbolic items are unique to you on the day. Other crystal healing tools, wands and feathers are used.

Aromatic Essences

Aura sprays derived from plant essences, essential oils and sacred Palo Santo are all introduced into the therapy session to evoke aura clearing, positive mood enhancement and to provide an overall pleasurable experience.

Sound Instruments

Jonathan works throughout the session with sound instruments including, crystal bowls, digeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls and chimes, Native American drums, tuning forks and stringed crystal sound chair.

The Voice

Jonathan will use the natural tones of his voice throughout the treatment in the form of chants, toning and other primal powerful sounds. The vocal frequencies are our most natural instrument and when used with intent, combine to have a profound effect on the mind and body.

Higher Spirit

This healing modality brings together a transformation and transcendence drawing on our higher spiritual selves, connecting us to our Spirit Guides, the Archangels and the higher healing frequencies providing a protective, sacred healing space for the highest good of all. Jonathan will work with these higher beings throughout the therapy.

The Power of Silence

After Jonathan completes his direct work you are held within the silence for a time of consolidation.  The healing and activation continues as the subtle bodies of mind, body, spirit establish a new paradigm and spiritual beings and spirit guides complete their work.

What to Expect During a Treatment

A full consultation will take place before the treatment. You will remain fully clothed and normally be asked to lie on a therapy table or to be seated. Jonathan will then commence the therapy utilising various crystals and instruments, incense and essential oils.

After Your Treatment

You may feel deeply relaxed and you may experience some unfamiliar sensations due to the natural re-balancing process as a result of the treatment.  Just one session can bring about powerful results, with immediate shifts in awareness and physicality. Studies have shown that sound therapy can result in profound changes involving mental, emotional and physical issues.  You may find that complete activation happens in the first session, or you might return to refresh the activation, as changes occur and to re-establish pure connection. This sequence can vary with each individual and each session.

If you feel tired or lack concentration, this will soon pass.  Your therapist will advise you to drink plenty of water and to avoid alcohol or other stimulants for at least 24 hours. If you have any queries, please ask your therapist.

Crystal Sound Activation Treatments & Tariff

Deep Aura Cleanse

Full body therapy offering a deep auric field cleanse to help re-energise mind body and spirit and aid in releasing stagnant energies. In this treatment, we use the natural cleansing properties of Selenite and Black Tourmaline combined with the harmonic frequencies and resonance of the crystal tuning fork. A deeply relaxing treatment with soothing meditative music

Therapy Time:  20 minutes

Cost: £20.00

Chakra Re-attunement & Cleanse

A full body therapy. In this treatment, we use a quartz crystal pendulum and the full range of crystals to re-attune and re-align the seven main Chakras. We firstly cleanse the aura with Selenite, Black Tourmaline and the crystal tuning fork and then scan each Chakra using the quartz pendulum to pinpoint any areas which may need attention. Specific crystals are then placed on each Chakra which work in harmony with the pendulum to re-align the Chakras, remove energy blocks and stimulate the natural flow of energy in the body. Relaxing, restorative and accompanied by deeply meditative music throughout.

Therapy Time:  35 minutes

Cost: £35.00

Crystal Sound Activation Chair

A full body therapy seated on the unique Crystal Sound Activation Chair. This treatment offers a full auric field cleanse with Selenite, Black Tourmaline and the crystal tuning fork.

The chair has embedded crystals placed around each of the seven main chakras positions. The chair is strung like an instrument and the strings are strummed periodically throughout the treatment creating a deep harmonic wave of resonance to activate the natural healing properties of the crystals and the cells in the body. The strings are tuned to B which is the note associated with the crown Chakra, the higher self and spiritual awakening. This treatment is accompanied by deeply relaxing music along with beautiful resonant crystal singing bowls and instruments.

Therapy Time:  30 minutes

Cost: £45.00

Full Crystal Sound Activation Treatment

A full body therapy using a range of crystals, instruments, tones & chants, essential oils and sacred incense to create an immersive, deeply relaxing, restorative and in many cases, profound healing experience for mind, body and spirit.

To begin, Jonathan will call upon his Spirit Guides and the Archangels creating a sacred space and protective healing environment.

Firstly, the auric field is cleansed using Selenite, Black Tourmaline and the crystal tuning fork. The cleansing finishes with sacred incense being gently fanned over the body. Specific crystals are then applied to the Chakras followed by the activation process using beautifully harmonic singing bowls and a special crystal pyramid to stimulate the crystal’s and body’s natural healing processes. This process will include sacred chants and toning using the natural voice and a range of instruments such as a deeply resonant large crystal signing bowl, Native American drum, Didgeridoo, bells and chimes amongst others.  

Once the sound activation treatment has taken place, you will then experience the subtle restorative power of silence along with the fragrance of Frankincense to aid in connectedness and grounding. This is a time when we once again call upon the higher spirits, guides and Archangels to complete their work.   

After a time to allow you to bring your consciousness fully back, you will then be offered water from our beautiful rose quartz crystal bowl which has been blessed and energised using sacred chanting, toning and crystal sound tools so that when it enters the cells of the body, the healing process continues after your session has finished. 

Therapy Time:  Approx. 90 minutes

Cost: £65.00

To book your therapy, contact Jonathan on 01484 767227 or 07738 942989. Alternatively, e-mail him at: jonathan@holistic-wellbeing.co.uk

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