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Reiki training

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Reiki Training

It is quite usual to find that the majority of Reiki courses offered today are taught over either two full days or four half days, some even on one single day. Students generally attend their training without any prior knowledge of Reiki which then results in needing to memorise and learn a lot of new information in a short space of time.

In some cases, students can end up jotting down reams of notes in an attempt to recall what has been taught when ideally they should be focusing their efforts on the important aspects of the day's teachings and practical demonstrations.

Why Choose Us?

At Holistic Wellbeing, we believe that learning Reiki should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience and not something learned under time pressure. After all what Mikao Usui originally taught was a spiritual path to enlightenment and his students studied with him regularly for many years. It is not possible to cram all these years of knowledge and wisdom into a basic Reiki course and whilst anyone can be 'attuned' to Reiki, it is how you continue to move forward that determines just what a life changing experience Reiki can be. Being 'attuned' to Reiki isn't a rewarding experience if you are left in any doubt as to where you go from there. We offer conversion courses if, having trained elsewhere, you find yourself in this position. Please contact us for further details.

The benefits that Reiki offers both to yourself and what you can do for others are tremendous and it is our promise that we will continue to support and guide you for as long as you need us. We value our students and continue to nurture them.


"It’s been an absolute joy and blessing to have trained with Ann for both my Reiki degree 1 and 2 journey. It’s so lovely to be able to go somewhere and feel welcome and relaxed, basically feel at home immediately. Ann is such a warm, open hearted lady, who truly cares, she is so passionate about Reiki, so knowledgeable about many many things connected to the world of healing and spirit.

I love the fact that I could read and learn some Reiki knowledge, in my own time, prior to doing the hands-on training with Ann, with her well put together ‘pre-course reading and exercises’ training manual, (though manual seems too strong a word) which also includes a Reiki Meditation CD for guidance. The great thing about this too is it’s always there for me to refer to, if or when, I ever need too. Ann is also always there if any further guidance is needed, which is wonderful.

On the whole ‘Holistic Wellbeing’ always has a beautiful feel, offering much more than just Reiki, whether you need to relaxation, healing, guidance, yoga or tai chi, or a good old warm heart discussion, opening your mind and connecting you with so many wonderful people. Ann and Jonathon always make you feel so welcome.

Thank you Ann for a making my Reiki journey a wonderful spiritual experience. I’m looking forward to passing on my reiki waves to others, and hopefully see you soon at a Reiki share" Mrs J Bennett 20/6/18 Wakefield

"Thank you  for your warmth and positive energy on Saturday, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and came away inspired and uplifted. It was lovely being part of such an intimate and caring group, and your stories and input were fascinating".   A Kilshaw 15/6/18 Holmfirth

"Thanks again for an interesting, enjoyable and thought provoking day. You certainly have a great gift in teaching as well as all your knowledge and good resonance." - Mr T Booth, Staffordshire
"I am a complementary therapist and have attended many holistic workshops over the years. I have always been left wanting more of the positive, enlightening and life enriching experiences- and Ann delivers this during her classes. Ann is professional, yet down to earth and practical, allowing students to work intuitively-which makes you feel safe with her and enlightened at the same time. I always feel empowered and positive when I work with Ann. Her manuals are excellent too - and light-years ahead of any Reiki teacher I have had in the past. Thank you so much- look forward to my next Reiki class with you!!" - Louise Fairclough, Wakefield
"If you are serious about learning Reiki then I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I have trained with other Reiki Masters and quite honestly haven't learned a fraction of the knowledge that I have gained from Ann. In my opinion Ann is a true teacher, she wants you to succeed and her on going support has been invaluable, she has instilled such confidence in me. The content of the manual has given me more insight than any Reiki book I have read. Thank you for everything!" - J North, Halifax
"Since my first contact with Ann I knew I had found the right person to teach me Reiki. The information that was sent to me prior to my study day was in depth enough to encourage me to study Reiki without being overbearing. Ann has a wonderful calm demeanour and takes you on the journey of Reiki beautifully. At the end of my first study day I was so inspired by Ann that I could not wait to practice on friends and family, which I did with instant success. I followed up my studies with Ann and undertook the second level of training which has further enhanced my knowledge and Reiki strength. I would highly recommend Ann to anyone considering Reiki." - Janet Simpson, Liverpool

What else do we offer?

We provide comprehensive manuals that can be digested in the students own time at the students own pace, as well as a meditation CD that guides you through your daily energy exercises and talks you through the self-treatment method as taught to his students by Mikao Usui. Our First Degree Shoden manual for example is 126 pages long. If you would like to view the contents pages so you can see exactly what is covered in the manual for yourself, then please email: annhalstead@holistic-wellbeing.co.uk.

On the actual day of the course we devote our full attention to the all important practical side of Reiki and energy work. In our experience we have found that this method is by far the most enjoyable, effective and rewarding.

Our courses incorporate Japanese style Reiki, mirroring Usui's original teachings, with the Western style of Reiki and is taught by a Reiki Master who has over 16 years experience of working with the healing energies on a highly developed, spiritual level.

Are you the right teacher for me?

That is a very good question. We feel it is really important that you choose the right teacher for you. To that effect, Ann is always happy to meet with potential students where they can discuss their needs, ask questions and have a look at the training package before they make any decisions. To make a free, no obligation appointment, please contact Ann.

For dates and details on each of our courses click on the links below:

Reiki 1 - Shoden
Reiki 2 - Okuden
Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki shares - open to students of all Reiki lineages

Here are Ann's Reiki Lineages

Western Lineage

  1. Mikao Usui
  2. Chujiro Hayashi
  3. Hawayo Takata
  4. Phyllis Lei Furumoto
  5. Florence O'Neal
  6. Jerry Farley
  7. June Woods
  8. Simon Treselyan
  9. Marcus Hayward
  10. Diane Whittle
  11. Taggart King
  12. Martine Moorby
  13. Ann Halstead

Japanese Lineage

  1. Mikao Usui
  2. Suzuki San
  3. Chris Marsh
  4. Taggart King
  5. Martine Moorby
  6. Ann Halstead

Upcoming classes, courses & events

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Meditation Mondays

Restarts 7th Jan 9.30-10.30am/7.30-8.30pm.
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QiGong Evening Class

Restarts 14th Jan 7.30-8.30pm.
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Psychic Evening With Maria Stoyles

Tues 22nd January 2019

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Weird, Wacky & Wonderful Club

Weds 6th February 2019

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High Tea & Tarot

Sat 9th Feb 2018

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Chakra Balance with Belly Dance Workshop

Sun 3rd Mar  2019
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10-Week Psychic Development Course

Thursday 2nd May - Thursday 11th July 2019
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