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Tai Chi

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Wu Style Tai Chi with Dr Jin Ye

Wednesday mornings
10.00am-11.00am - beginners level

Tai Chi is a number of things to its various practitioners; it is a meditation system, a gentle exercise, a fighting / self defence system. It has been proved to have many health benefits such as improving heart conditions and reducing the incidence of falling in the elderly. However for most of its practitioners it is believed to promote all round good health.

Dr. Jin Ye is the great-granddaughter of Master Wu Jianquan, the founder of Wu Style Tai Chi.

Jin Ye has taught T'ai Chi Ch'üan for over 35 years, originally in her home city of Shanghai for over 10 years, and she has been living and teaching Wu Style Tai Chi since 1991 in the UK. She runs regular classes and seminars in Huddersfield, Barnsley, London, Berlin and Leiden in the Netherlands. She also teaches Wu Style Tai Chi in UK to students from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark and South Africa.
Master Jin Ye is unique in the UK for her insight and knowledge of Wu Style T'ai Chi Ch'üan being the only practitioner to have direct Wu lineage and probably the only teacher in the UK to know the five Wu style double edged sword forms. She started practising T'ai Chi Ch'üan in Shanghai when she was only 10 years old. When she was 16 she started studying the theory with her grandmother, Wu Yinghua, and was teaching in Shanghai by the age of 22. She was trained by her grandparents Master Wu Yinghua and Master Ma Yueliang for the complete Wu Style weaponry including sabre, spears (twenty four form and thirteen form), and Wu Style Qi Gong forms and pushing hands.

She has also trained in medicine originally by her grandfather on her father's side; a famous Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor specialising in Chinese massage and acupuncture in Shanghai China. She learned Medicine from her parents who are both TCM and western medicine doctors. She holds a BSc. in Pharmaceutics, qualified in TCM, massage and acupuncture at the Shanghai International TCM College and obtained her doctorate in pharmacy at Liverpool John Moores University UK.

Learning a Tai Chi form requires dedication and commitment. Tai Chi places are available by block booking 6 classes in advance for £42 with payment for the next block of classes due at the end of each block. You may of course trial a Tai Chi Class for £8 if space allows. Should you decide you wish to continue with the classes, the £8 will be taken into consideration and the remaining 5 consecutive weeks will cost £34.To book your place please telephone the centre and speak to Jonathan on 01484 767227.

Please note that no refunds will be given for any missed classes. If you have a pre-booked holiday, please inform us before paying for a block of 6. 

Parking: please park in an un-named parking space in the main car park to the rear of the building. If the car park is full, please park responsibly on the main road without causing any obstruction to passing traffic i.e. please do not park opposition the entrance to Whitby Court, by the bollards or bus stop. Thank you.

As quiet therapies and other courses/classes are ongoing throughout the day/evenings, we would respectfully ask that all students enter and leave the building quietly please to minimise disturbance, thank you :-)

FInally, please leave muddy boot/shoes in reception or bring a bag to carry them through the centre with.  That would be very much appreciated, thank you :-)

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